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(c) KeHe 2010
To lose a a child
To lose a child

To lose your child is the hardest loss to bare
No other loss on earth will compare,
Your hearts been broken, your soul ripped in two
This precious child was once a part of you,

You don’t know if you can carry on
Others tell you to be strong,
You struggle with each passing day
The pain in your heart never goes away,

Days and months come and go
The grief you feel begins to grow,
The ache and longing is always there
You sit alone you sit and stare,

Nobody knows what to say to you
You need their help to see you through,
Friends start to drift away
They can’t listen to what you say,

You remind them of what life could be
If it happened to them instead of you or me,
Nobody understands your pain each day
Some look at you and just walk away,

They can’t bare to see you cry
You can’t stop or live a lie,
This is your life now and it’s for real
Your broken heart will never heal,

So if you know a mom who has lost her child
Please try to understand,
She does not need your sympathy
She needs you to hold her hand,

Special days come along
These are days she can’t be strong,
Birthdays, Christmas and Mothers day
Are the days she dreads in every way?

Then comes the day that hurts the most
The day her life changed for ever,
Please let her know the memory of her child
Will stay with you and leave you never. 

Autorin: Miriam
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